Cath had noted over recent years that she had some progressive sagging of the cheek tissues with dark circles and hollows below her eyes.

Twelve months previously she had undergone tear trough injections to both sides but had recently noted a recurrent hollowing and deep crease below her left eye.

Cath was keen to see if some improvement could be made in the shape and volume of her cheeks and also requested further tear trough rejuvenation on the left side.

Cath’s experience of the change in shape and appearance of her mid-face is a very common one.

 A characteristic sign of ageing is volume loss in the cheeks.

Descent of the cheek fat can produce a heavier look to the lower face as well as a tired appearance by revealing dark circles and hollows below the eyes (tear trough or periorbital hollows).

Dermal filler before


Cheek volume loss & asymmetric tear trough appearances

Dermal filler after

​Immediately after:

VolumaTM to both cheeks and RestylaneTM to left tear trough

The lost volume in the cheeks can be replenished with Juvéderm Voluma™ or SubQ™. 

This restores a more youthful shape to the face by filling the inner and outer part of the upper cheeks. This creates a subtle but pleasing enhancement of the volume and shape of the cheekbone area in addition to addressing the volume loss of the inner cheek. The treatment also tends to lessen the effect of the downward pull of gravity on the facial skin.

VolumaTM or SubQ™ cheek volume enhancement is an ideal treatment to combine with tear trough rejuvenation.

The treatment is performed either with some topical anaesthetic cream or with a local anaesthetic injection to numb the cheek skin.

Cath had a total of 2ml of VolumaTM injected into the cheeks (1ml on each side) via a single entry point on each outer lower cheek. From this entry point the filler can be carefully placed into the inner and outer upper cheek area. The treated area can be moulded immediately after placement of Voluma to achieve the desired shape.

In addition to VolumaTM to the left cheek Cath also had 0.5ml of RestylaneTM placed in the left tear trough to improve hollowing on this side.

Then VolumaTM  was injected into the right cheek  to complete the treatment. As can be seen in the photos below the results are immediate and usually with minimal bruising and swelling.

After cheek volume enhancement using Juvéderm Voluma

After cheek volume enhancement using Juvéderm Voluma

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