I am extremely grateful to all of  my patients who have so kindly given me permission to use their images in this Before & After Gallery. 

Upper Eyelid Ptosis (droopy upper eyelids)

Ptosis (Droopy Upper Lids) before


Marked upper eyelid droop with visual field loss
Ptosis (Droopy Upper Lids) after


Improved upper lid positions & restoration of normal visual field

Ectropion (out-turning eyelid)

Ectropian eyelid


Previous cosmetic blepharoplasty surgery elsewhere resulting in a left ectropion (out-turning of lower eyelid) due to shortage of lower eyelid skin

Ectropian eyelid after surgery


6 weeks following corrective surgery (lateral tarsal strip, medial spindle & a skin graft taken from in front of the ear

Entropion (In-turning eyelid)

Entropian eyelid


Both lower eyelid margins are turning inwards (entropion) and lashes are rubbing on the surface of the eyes causing constant irritation

Entropian eyelids after surgery


6 weeks following corrective surgery (bilateral lateral tarsal strips & inferior retractor reinsertions)

Lower Lid Blepharoplasty (Eyebag removal)



Thyroid-related lid retraction and puffy lower lids due to orbital fat bulging

Blepharoplasty after


Lower lid transconjunctival blepharoplasty (upper lid lowering performed at same time)

It is just wonderful to be able to see properly and to take everything in without looking and feeling permanently tired
John Moehle
The whole experience at Face & Eye was excellent. All the staff from the receptionists, nurses and anesthetist and of course yourself were very caring
Julian Rhodes
The whole experience was very professional and caring and has given me the confidence to seek treatment and surgery if needed at any time in the future
David Hickson
This procedure is a huge success and my GP is most impressed! Needless to say I am equally thrilled so I must take this opportunity to thank you for all your care and skill
Lady Cockshaw
Thank you for performing the orbital decompression on me...I am very delighted with the result as I had an exceptionally quick recovery with little pain
Miss Christine
I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Saj Ataullah and his staff at the Face and Eye Clinic to anyone seeking top professional help
Mr Allan Merten